Our most powerful renewable energy is collective intelligence.

Fluid Facilitation

Say goodbye to boring meetings, get co-creative, faster and fun into implementation.

Organizational Development

Gains more developmental freedom. I accompany leaders, teams and organizations.

System Constellation

Learn about the power of collective intuition. Set up scenarios or strategies visibly in the room!

"Intuition, inspiration, community. The most powerful tools for moving the world are already built into our inner operating system."

About me

For more than 20 years, I have been passionate about making development and collaboration an enlightening, positive experience. Because there is an incredible amount of untapped potential hidden here. In this sense, I design action spaces for people and organizations – and give impulses on how teamwork can reach a whole new level.


No question, no opening.

“No question, no opening.” was my physical therapist’s response to this, indicating …

Acceptance is the mother of all disasters.

One of my first clients with Jewish roots and experience in Israeli …

If you contract, question your assumptions.

It was a leadership seminar in Hamburg, which Groupmind had organized. It …

Don’t get mad, get curious.

The first time I heard this phrase was from Fred Kofman. One …


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