Fluid Facilitator Training.

Several people in one room are not yet a workshop. I’ll show you how to run your own inspiring, productive meetings and workshops – as part of the Fluide Facilitation training.

In the fluid approach, interacting participants act according to simple rules, creating order out of chaos while focusing on a common focus.

Turn your meetings into a development turbocharger instead of a time-burning machine.

Christiane Schneider, Trainer and Facilitator

Contents of the training

  • Role and responsibilities of a fluid facilitator.
  • Paradigms, principles and practices of self-organization in collaboration.
  • Design and preparation of workshops to promote co-creation.
  • Facilitation of fluid collaboration formats using a practical example
  • Integrative presentations
  • Interventions to promote and stabilize fluid formats

After this training you can:

  • Plan and execute fluid formats
  • Support and steer participants in these formats
  • Create frameworks that produce viable and sustainable results in less time

This is how the method is taught:

  • By experiencing the format in different roles
  • In combination with reflection rounds and training impulses

This is the basis of the method:

  • The methodology is based on insights from systems theory:
    Emergence of structures and processes in complex systems
  • In combination with design thinking, scrum and holacracy
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