Where things happen.

Most meetings are simple discussions – often without doings, not to mention real happenings. Fluid facilitation is different and is revolutionizing the way we do collaboration.

The co-creative facilitation and visualization method is based on the insight that complex systems organize themselves. Therefore, there are no rigid meeting structures, but interactive elements and free spaces. Teams focus on one topic and receive direct impulses to bring their collective potential to bear on this one thing – with surprising and quickly implementable results.

Meetings and workshops get their own flow. With a fluid agenda and without Power Point & Co.

Christiane Schneider, Trainer and Facilitator

“There seems to be an inherent tendency in all matter to self-organize under particular conditions to achieve a higher form of order and/or efficiency.”

Fluid Facilitation is right for you if you:

… Be a team or organization of 2 – 500 people!

Want to get good results much faster!

The air is out of your meetings and events

Your collective potential not yet exhausted

Want to sustainably optimize your meeting culture

Start your own Happening.

Curious about how Fluid Facilitation works?
We would be happy to find out together whether the method can help you with your concerns.
You can use this process as a guide:

Relevant input

What preliminary work and information already exists and is relevant to the event?
For example: documents, information or questions

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Result to be produced

What are the desired, concrete results?

What exactly do we want to produce as part of the event?
For example: concept, analysis, idea, checklist, process description

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What resources are available?

For example: people, their knowledge and talents, space, time and finances

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Sense & Purpose

Why is the event taking place?

What is its purpose?

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How will the work process be structured?
Which program points are firmly planned?

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Fluid facilitation is exciting and a real game changer. Just try it out! Together we will find an opportunity.

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