Culture comes from within.

People develop with great pleasure and create corporate culture together. They just don’t like to be developed. They want to develop their potential and talents, for their own advancement and that of the company they have chosen.

I design and accompany development processes of managers, employees, teams and organizations. I am value-free in my choice of basic operating systems: waterfall, matrix, agile operating systems or mixed forms are possible, depending on the purpose of the enterprise.

You have the feeling that this must be easier? I'll show you how.

Christiane Schneider, Trainer and Facilitator

Are there growing pains in your organization? Permanent stress points? Tear-off edges? Managers looking for guidance?

Feel free to get in touch, and together we can look into my suitcase full of good practices from over 20 years of consulting and mentoring experience, from start-ups to corporations.

Development begins with less entanglement.

The discovery process for your next step in organizational development follows this path:

Order clarification

For which problem should organizational development be the solution?

Gap definition

Where are you today, and what is the desired target state?

Hypothesis formulation

What forces act in the gap?

Intervention Planning

Which measures make sense?


What effect do the measures have?


What patterns of success are emerging?


Theory is often quite practical, conversation and teamwork are better. Let’s look together at where we can productively start!

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